BOLT Browser, mais um navegador para Android

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Já está disponivel no Android Market a versão Beta do BOLT Browser. Assim como o Opera Mini, o BOLT possui servidores na nuvem que fazem o pré-processamento das páginas e do conteúdo da web. Para quem gosta e utiliza o Facebook, o BOLT Browser possui uma aba dedicada a rede social.

Segue as especificações (Retirado do Market):

Some features:
- Superior browsing, rendering Web pages just as they appear on personal computers
- Fastest page loading on Android devices
- Social Tab so you can enjoy always-on, easy access to Facebook
- Device independent Flash and HTML5 video with adaptive compression
- Tabbed browsing, URL auto-complete, a download manager, web history, cookies and more
- Ability to save Web pages and images for offline usage
- Support for JavaScript and Facebook applications/games like Mafia Wars
- Easy management of your favorites and ability to save them in the cloud
- Text copy/paste, click-to-call and pinch-to-zoom
- Full support for all Web mobile security standards
- RSS support for subscribing to Web-based RSS feeds
- Extended navigation support for physical keyboard with keyboard shortcuts
- Web Apps for quick access to Web services
- Best-in-class data compression maintains Web page integrity while being easy on data plans
- WebKit based cloud-computing architecture

Confira um pouco mais do BOLT Browser no vídeo abaixo:



Link para download no Market

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